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My name is Jason Blahun. I have spent most of my life living in the Spruce Grove / Stony Plain area, and want nothing more than to give back to the people within the community I have called home. I am a member of the Master Hypnotist Society of Canada and the Founder/Hypnotist of Spruce Grove Hypnosis.

Learning to truly be in control of my life, and not be led by subconscious patterns, has been a focus of my life. It was not until I discovered the POWER of HYPNOSIS that I truly understood how to make the real decisions I want and live the life that I choose. If we aren’t truly choosing how to live our lives, then something else is. I understood that if I was not in control of my life, then I was being controlled. Controlled by unwanted habits, emotions, and other people.

Through hypnosis, I have become healthier, calmer, a better father and husband, and more in control of my destiny. I have learnt to create real change in my life by interrupting unwanted patterns in my behaviour and deciding what life path I want to embark on. Life will take us all for a ride; are we steering the ship or just floating with the waves?

I want to use my understanding of hypnosis to improve everyone’s life I have the privilege of connecting with.

We all deserve a better life. Allow me to guide you to yours.

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