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Offers a variety of Hypnosis Services for Weight Loss, Stress Management, Fears, Sleep, Smoking Cessation and much more in Spruce Grove and Other Surrounding Areas. 

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Meet Jason

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Hi! I'm Jason,

My name is Jason Blahun. I have spent most of my life living in the Spruce Grove / Stony Plain area, and want nothing more than to give back to the people within the community I have called home. I am a member of the Master Hypnotist Society of Canada and the Founder/Hypnotist of Spruce Grove Hypnosis.

Client Results

I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with Spruce Grove Hypnosis for your mental health.
After meeting with Jason I was able to understand and forgive my past history. Jason allowed me the tools and exercises to use that would help me with my mental health. I feel much happier and able to move forward than I have in 3 years.

Hypnosis has been a great tool to help guide me, relax me and feel more confident in myself. I felt very comfortable and trusting in the process which is not easy for me. It’s an amazing experience!!

If you are seeking a safe, supportive, empowering modality to work through some challenges that are present in your path, I would highly recommend Jason and his hypnotherapy skills.

In vulnerable transparency, I will share that I am a 20year (experienced) body practitioner with energetic skills and gifts. I approach practitioners of any kind with a heightened level of discernment and a high standard for cleanness of intent, action and follow through. I had had minimal experience with hypnotherapy in the past.

When I met Jason, I immediately appreciated his energy. There was a strong presence, firm handshake, direct eye contact, openness and curiosity. I asked many questions and he received them easily and responded with a welcomed depth of knowledge and clarity.

My intention for my hypnotherapy sessions was to improve/resolve the glitch that I feel in my throat and my voice and expand my ability to speak/share with groups. I am skilled in 1:1, and building skills in small groups and called to lead larger groups/talks etc. Stepping into the next layer of my calling.
With Jason's process, I was guided with a process of gentle introspection to identify any resistance I may be unconsciously holding to my desired goal/outcome. I was in awe of how easily the answers came forward (clear connection to my body and unconscious programs) and truly enjoyed how Jason guided my creative mind to come forward with solutions. This process felt incredibly enlightening and empowering.

When we went deeper into hypnotherapy, and inputting the new beliefs and abilities desired, I was amazed at how deeply relaxed both my mind and body felt. The critical mind was present and yet simply (& contently) observing. My critical mind or self protection systems could have interfered at any time if it did not feel aligned with my essence/core values, and it never even flinched. I wish to honour the cleanness of his approach in this phase, as I witnessed him mirror back to me my own chosen words and intentions.

Upon completion of my hypnotherapy sessions, I felt brought back to full presence gently and effectively. I felt a calm through all aspects of self that I would wish for all!

What I have noticed since these two appointments is a change in my internal voice. I find my internal voice singing and humming frequently. There is less chatter and more flow/presence. I have found my historical avoidance of hard conversations softened and I feel far more centered when I do have them. These are significant and beautiful shifts! I look forward to seeing how sharing on larger platforms unfolds in my future.

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